“The first thing Suzanne did was reassure me that she had clients who were even more disorganized than I. As hard as this was to believe, it allowed me to shed my shame and let her get on with bringing order out of chaos.”
Andy Barrie, Broadcaster, client since 2002

“Suzanne has been our personal assistant, computer consultant, organizer and administrator, as well as our “go-to” person for a myriad of other everyday endeavours. She has been with us for many years now. She is clever, personable, highly efficient, very aware of all things current,a great listener and always keeps her cool. Suzanne is obviously indispensable! We cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Ron Singer, Professor Emeritus Theatre, York University, Executive Producer, Breakthrough Entertainment and Yvonne Singer, Associate Professor of Visual Arts, York University and artist. Clients since 2000.

“I am most fortunate to have enjoyed so many years of your very efficient and organized self in my work space. You bring order to my life and provide a calm, sense of self that creates a very pleasurable work environment. You are a capable and competent person in all areas of office administration, and have the innate capacity to make all the various technologies work effectively, something that often eludes me. Thank you for your wise advice, creative suggestions, sense of humor and ever ready willingness to help out with whatever is necessary. You are so appreciated and such a blessing in my life.”
Lynda Hamilton, client since 2000

“You’re a wonderful gift to me. Not only have you helped me recover money that was owing to me tracking everything related to my business, but your calm, focused, knowledgeable approach to administration, your skills and non-judgemental approach to all the practical and organizational tasks, and your ability to remember all of the associated details, has made an invaluable contribution to the quality of my life since we started working together. Thank you for all that you do and are.”
Marion Langford, Coach and Consultant, client since 2008

“Suzanne Isaacs has been my rescuer and liberator for many years. Her calm and reliable efficiency is a constant, as she organizes, categorizes, systematizes and files away my somewhat disordered and bifurcated life, both business and personal.  I could not manage without her.”
Rosalind Chaplin Kindler. Psychotherapist/jazz vocalist, client since 2002

“Your resourcefulness, patience, long hours spent under hectic circumstances and your unflappable cool were a tower of strength for me”
Carolyn, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, 2001

“Suzanne has been my rescuer and liberator for many years.”

“Your resourcefulness, patience, long hours spent under hectic circumstances and your unflappable cool were a tower of strength”