Suzanne was an invaluable support. I especially appreciated her level of organization and ability to respond quickly and professionally. She was a very reliable resource and a key factor in supporting our project, especially when we experienced periods of chaos and change.

  Ainsley Chapman

“Suzanne is a competent and well organized individual who has worked effectively and independently. She used very good judgement as to when to seek out input and direction. Keeping the resources of the organization in mind, she managed time and tasks efficiently. A good communicator as well!”

Theresa Marie Underhill, Board Chair, Thyroid Cancer Canada

“Suzanne is a well organized, talented and kind multi-tasker. It was because of her skills and drive that we were able to move forward during a challenging staffing time to continue to support our patient base. She brought understanding and invocation and a “can do” attitude to the table daily. It is a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her work.”

Kimberlee Haines, Past Chair Thyroid Cancer Canada.

“Suzanne Isaacs is a gift to any office where disorder exists! She is extremely well-organized, but just as importantly she is kind, patient and funny. She made it easy for me to get over the embarrassment of disorganization and replaced the chaos with a simple, personalized system that actually works! I am most grateful.”
Judy Turner, Ph.D., C. Psych 

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Suzanne. She is personable, patient and always delivers excellent work. Suzanne requires minimal direction to get the task done. She is inventive, organized and she comes up with solutions when problems arise. Her people skills when dealing with clients are outstanding.”
Dr. Miroslava Lhotsky

“Suzanne has worked with me for over 10 years. She is excellent at her job, efficient, reliable, resourceful and a lovely person to have in the office. I would highly recommend her without reservation.”
Lidia Mattucci. IAAP, Analytical Psychologist

“My experience with Suzanne was magical and heartening. Not only is she emotionally astute and fun to be around, she’s a great listener and a clever problem solver. She created an easy, workable plan for me to turn my stale junk room into a peaceful art studio. Her enthusiasm for manifesting spaces was contagious and I got more done with her than I ever would have by myself. Also, I genuinely enjoyed doing the work! My favourite thing about her organizational process was getting to experience first-hand how much she truly cares about her clients’ needs. With Suzanne, no question or worry seemed trivial and I always felt supported. I believe the passion she possesses for her work elevates what she does from service to creative expression.”
Jen Spinner, artist and graphic designer,

“Thank you for your wise advice, creative suggestions, sense of humor and ever ready willingness to help out with whatever is necessary.”

“Suzanne allowed me to bring order out of chaos”

“Suzanne is clever, personable, highly efficient, very aware of all things current, a great listener and always keeps her cool. She’s obviously indispensable!”